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Light distracts me; tantalizes me, it even haunts my dreams. It taunts me to master my art, to do more, to push my boundaries. I study its variants; harsh light, soft light, blue light, white light, red light, infrared light, blue hour, golden hour.

The look of soft light on particular surfaces, on smooth skin, or better yet, on old weathered skin, moves me. The tinted reflections of light from architectural glass as it reflects on, and from the buildings that surround it, makes me crave more. More technology; more ways of capturing the essence of light, more ways of seeing the invisible.

A surreal dance between light and shadow, a drama played out each and everyday. Even dull dreary days, when soft light casts even gray shadows on everything, have purpose. On those days subtle architectural details often come out to play.

Capturing light, the act of translating what I envision in my mind’s eye into a photograph, or digital art requires an intimate understanding of light. Artists, photographers, even writers need to know how light acts, and reacts to different situations and surfaces.

Light can be reflected, be refracted, or simply be absorbed, each instance is different, each surface unique, each variant beautiful in its own way.



The Darker Side of art

My art is well, different


Adobe Lightroom, and PhotoShop are my main tools. But I’ve been playing with Alien Skin Exposure X2, and SnapArt 4. Topaz softwares tools are interesting as well.


I know what I want before I go out to shoot, I see it in my minds eye. Once I get on the street though, things change quickly, I see new things, interpret the light, look for new possibilities. I also like to play the angles. You’ll see what I mean, please feel welcome to browse.

Light is magic, its the positive partner in the eternal dance of light and shadow…


I’ve been making art for well over thirty years. For over twenty-years I watched and waited for computer technology to reach the standard I needed. Finally…

My Work

I like urban settings. I like edgy, raw images. I ilke to see the city’s grunge in my work. I don’t PhotoShop out the litter, or the urbane decay.

If you like my work and want to know more


A digital barbarian

Check out my complete portfolio on Behance.

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